KRONOS (time)


At the end of the 18th century the philosopher Emanuel Kant suggested that there might be a relationship between the mind and time itself. He proposed that our mind structures all our experiences in such a way as to make time exist as a conscious perception of one instant after another and that this gives us the idea of history and our concept of future.

After Kant we started to distinguish between different kinds of time. To mention the most obvious example, we now distinguish between "Physical (clock measured) Time" and "Psychological Time"-the personal experience of any duration.
There is "Biological Time" and "Space Time" as well as many other specialized conceptions of what and how time may be in different fields.
However most of our ideas about time still seem to agree on some fundamental characteristics such as time being simply continuous change, and linear movement (=directional), as well as the idea that time is relative, or inter-dependent (i.e. without mind it ain't) etc.
The ancient philosopher Descartes already argued that time is a divine process of continuous creation with current quantum physics further asserting that time has neither beginning nor end.

I believe the shape of time, as we currently see it, can be best symbolized as the shape of a drop or an egg. The reason why this would work is because this formation has no point of attack, i.e. neither a point of beginning nor any end point or exit. Furthermore it bespeaks continuous change because it has always differing angles when compared to the shape of a sphere for example, the symbol for time in ancient cultures such as India, which symbolizes a concept of eternal return but cannot symbolize duration or continuous change because it has all the same angles at every point (instances) along its even curvature.
However inside the form I too depict the "phantasmagorical net of relations", which symbolizes the idea of each moment or event being a crossing and recrossings of old paths or "chance" meetings much like new synaptic connections created by a fresh view.

Raphael Zimmerman, 2005

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